Consultation & Design

We take into account your shade and weather protection requirements, sun’s path through the day, and typical time of day you would utilized the structure. With this information we provide a 3D design of the structure and exact pricing. Our software allows us to place the sun into the design, at any time of day in history. You will know exactly what your shade profile and structure look like before committing to a project.


Pergolas add much needed shade in the summertime heat. Bring useful hours back to your patio with the elegance and shade of a well crafted pergola, or designate a cool dining space with integrated fans, lighting and misting systems


Pavilions significantly lower the temperatures on hot summer days and provide full rain protection for you, you pets and those pesky cushions that get wet every time it rains. The exposed structure of a pavilion is one of the aesthetically pleasing features of any structure.

Let our carpenters handcraft a beautiful structure to add an elegance to your outdoor living space. Choose from one of our budget friendly kits or a complete custom structure of your dreams. Anything is possible with our expert craftsmen here at CSLLC. All structures are hand built in our wood shop, stained/sealed accordingly, then installed on the job site.

Wood Options – Species

Cedar – Western Red Cedar

Price $$$$

Durability $$$$

 Location:  Pacific NW US & CA

There are many cedar species throughout the world, but our Western Red Cedar is the premier choice for outdoor applications.  It is classified as having a high “natural durability” rating due to its exceptional durability to weather, insects, rot & decay.  An additional plus is its natural beauty and scent, as well as its resilience to expansion and contraction throughout its lifespan (see FAQ:  Radial, tangential & longitudinal Shrinkage).  

Ohio White Oak  

Price $$$ 

 Durability $$$$

Location:  Local

White oak last longer and is less expensive than cedar.  It is the main hardwood we use due to its exceptional “natural durability” and is extreme strength.

Ohio White Pine

Price $ 

 Durability $$

Location:  Local

This is an excellent budget friendly choice for all interior and exterior frames.  Any lodge, log cabin or timber frame house you have been in on this half of the county was most likely built with locally sourced white pine.  We use locally sourced “heartwood” White Pine.  The key word here is “heartwood”.  See Special Note: Heartwood vs. Sapwood Below.  Using lumber from our local climate has other important advantages as well.  If you take a piece of lumber out of a tree that spent its life in the cold damp rainforests of British Columbia, Canada, and bring it here, it is going to have to equalize to our local climate (FAQ: Radial, tangential & longitudinal Shrinkage).  If you use local timbers, which have evolved to survive in our local climate, they are already equalized and adapted to our local climate and fungal species.  An interesting fact:  prior to America, colonist were obliged to reserve all white pine trees 2’ in girth or larger for the English Navy for their masts.

Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Price $   

Durability $$$

Location:  Southern US

Pressure treated Pine is typically southern yellow pine infused with preservation chemicals to increase its durability.  These chemicals, copper and arsenic based, in the past have been harmful to the environment.  The current process effects on the local environment may not be fully understood at this time.  Note that this lumber must gas off (chemicals evaporate off the surface of the wood), for at least 6 months before it can be stained.


Price $$ 

Durability  $$$  

Location:  Southern US

 CedarTone is the same pressure treated pine but during the treatment process they tint it to look just like cedar. Once the wood starts to grey, a matching stain can be applied to refresh the color.   

Timber Frame – Mortise & Tenon Joinery

Yes, we still do it the old way… The way it was always done until steel fasteners became affordable.  Nothing, I mean nothing beats a full mortise & tenon timber frame structure.  You will be the envy of your friends, family and neighborhood with one of our timber frame pavilions or pergolas.  If you are interested in this option, we suggest you schedule a time to visit our shop and see the joinery in action to fully appreciate it.